Start application AFTER openHAB startup

Hi all,

I implemented the htreu/openhabHomeKitBridge and I need to start this AFTER openhab started and has loaded everything! How can acomplish this? Is there a way to put the starting call for the bridge into the of openhab?
To start the bridge I need to call: npm start – --sitemap Items
So Items is the sitemap of openhab, which needed to be completely loaded and initialized.

Thanks a lot

see Exec binding.

As for running a command after OH is fully initialized, I’d like to know that too. Given all the warnings on the wiki about race conditions between the rule and persistence services, I’m guessing there is no way to do it.


I wanted to follow up on this to see if anyone has a good solution to start htreu/openhabHomeKitBridge after OpenHAB start?