Start OH2 as root (noob is asking)


I am running OH2 on a Rasperry PI2 with raspbian.
For testing proposal I’d like to run OH as user root.

can give me somebody a hint how to do that?
Would be really great.


Why ? It is not necessary to start as root … that does not bring you any advantages …

If you really wan’t … make the User Openhab -> SU

Since you refer to yourself as NOOB, I would advise against it

because I have trouble to access a serial transceiver connected to USB.
One of the hints was to run OH as root.

giving the OH User SU does’nt solve it :frowning:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout,tty openhab

I was guessing that reason. I’ve been there and have done that. However since I’m using the openhbian image I don’t have to!
I use(d) a CUL-stick.

hmmm… still not able to connect to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-FTDI_FT232R_USB_UART_A50285BI-if00-port0
conection with picocom is possible.

but it is working with serial:/dev/ttyUSB0 via openhab, ^^

Jürgen: Yes I have a CUL too but never get it running and now I use a Homematic Module for RPI with YAHM and the CUL fpr 433MHZ devices…
Now I tryed it again with my max! thermostate… but what I dont understand… how can you switch pairmode on at the cul binding?