Starting a Google Play Music playlist on a Chromecast Audio?

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(Simon Tennant) #1

Problem: Play music from a Google Play Music playlist (Monday, Tuesday, Wed…) on a Chromecast when arriving home. Stop / Pause when leaving home.

Potential solution: I have a bunch of Chromecast Audio’s wired up and able to playback. But I’m stuck on how to kick off a stream to them.

I’ve seen tools like CastNow, Mopidy and talk about using the Logitech Media Server. Am I missing something obvious? Do I need to run bridge service between Google Play Music and the Chromecasts? And if so what are others using and controlling through openhab?

I would have thought it was possible to just issue a smarthome:audio stream xxChromeCastxxx xxStreamxxx.

So I’m curious how others are kicking off playlists or radio stations from Google Play Music?

(Second question would be how to find xxStreamxx?)

(Alex) #2

Maybe this topic could help you:

(Simon Tennant) #3

@Celaeno1 thanks for the quick reply.

I guess my question is more about making Google Music accessible to the Chromecast binding. I had imagined that there was some kind of URL that one could just pass in that would represent a playlist, but further reading makes it look like I’ll need to run something like GmusicProxy to then have sane playback URIs. Still seems like a complicated setup.

(Simon Tennant) #4

To follow up I managed to get Gmusicproxy working. It’s actually a really nice way to access Google Music - URLS look like http://localhost:9999/get_by_search?type=album&artist=Queen&title=Greatest%20Hits and return a playlist of tracks that have stable names like That said, it mostly works, up until the part when playing happens :frowning:.

Logged an issue and will update when I get further.

(Ward) #5

Is there also a possibility to send a normal playlist file to the chromecast which is located on my network?

(Simon Tennant) #6

@wars it used to be possible. However I’ve not been able to get this working again. And unfortunately it seems very hard to get any logs from the CC-Audio. I logged an issue about this. If I could find a way to debug Chromecasts / get a log from them, I’d love to look at this more.