Starting an upgrade of 2.3 to 2.5 - cutover mybzwave

I see in here for upgrade zwave for 2.5 I have to remove all my things but the controller.

“Remove”. Means delete all the things in paper ui? And re-add? I assume the thing.json I can use as a reference to assign the right names to the devices when they are all re-added in one big lump?

2nd question, mqtt1 still works in 2.5 doesn’t it? I have no discoverable devices, so having to convert all the the items to things + items is a real pain and so it’s happening slowly.

Yes, remove the Things using PaperUI. Then go to the Inbox and do a Zwave scan and they will all be rediscovered. Accept them from the Inbox and all will be back as it was. If you didn’t delete the Controller Thing they will all be rediscovered and included with the same ID they had before. So you don’t have relink them to your Items.

You will have to wake up your battery powered devices though, just like you did when first including them. I think the thread you linked to has a script posted down in the replies to do the above automatically for you.

I believe it works and it works along side the 2.5 version binding as well. For migration, you might find Migrating from text files to Paper UI for Things using REST API helpful if you have a lot of very similar MQTT Items to migrate.

Do NOT remove the controller Thing though.

Thanks. Ok. Just had to make a script for my dev system to set influx url and mqtt client ids so I can run both my dev system and current prod.

I use docker for runtime

I think I have everything ready. I assume if I just backup my prod 2.3 userdata folder and switch between my 2.3 master branch and my oh25changes branch I can flick between the 2.3 and 2.5 systems at will?

I would not assume that since only upgrades are supported, not downgrades.

oh really. This makes me not want to do it if I can’t get it back to a working system.

Can’t you shut down openHAB and copy the userdata elsewhere for the old version?

When upgrading is is usually a good idea to delete the cache & tmp files anyway. Just use 1 copy for the old version & 1 for the new.

Yeah that’s what i was going to do, but you indicated in the previous reply that, that may not work.

So i’d shut down, backup userdata as 2.3, switch the branch from master to the 2.5 branch, delete the cache/tmp dirs, then start the container with the 2.5 image.

I thought you were going to have them access the same userdata volume.

Well I cut over this afternoon. The zwave was a pain, getting all the old nodes back. Just a slow process. Thankfully no problems.

All seems to be up and running, at least I notice the zwave is going (our heating). The rest I can deal with as I need to. I did have the 2.5 branch on another machine for a while and I was migrating some of the mqtt over to v2. I have two homie devices I can move over now as well. - and the big thing in the 2.5 branch was validating all the rules for errors and breaking changes.

Thanks for the help.

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