Starting openHAB in debug mode

Hi, i am using raspberry pi for Openhab.

I am trying to follow the steps for Samsung AC binding ( ), but i am not sure how and where to execute “./”, as well as “tail -f openhab.log | grep AirConditioner”.

Hope that anyone here can help me with this beginner question. Thank you!

[10:53:06] openhabian@openhabianpi:~$ openhab-cli

Usage:  openhab-cli command [options]

Possible commands:
  backup [--full] [filename]   -- Stores the current configuration of openHAB.
  clean-cache                  -- Cleans the openHAB temporary folders.
  console                      -- Opens the openHAB console.
  info                         -- Displays distribution information.
  reset-ownership              -- Gives openHAB control of its own directories.
  restore filename             -- Restores the openHAB configuration from a backup.
  showlogs                     -- Displays the log messages of openHAB.
  start [--debug]              -- Starts openHAB in the terminal.
  status                       -- Checks to see if openHAB is running.
  stop                         -- Stops any running instance of openHAB.

[10:53:11] openhabian@openhabianpi:~$
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Thanks so much for the reply!

I’ve tried using “sudo openhab-cli start --debug” in the terminal.

So may i know where to paste “tail -f openhab.log | grep AirConditioner”?