Starting openhabian from a fresh install on SSD

Flashed Openhabian onto a SSD using Etcher.(Same image positively used for SD Card)
Started Raspi, logged on via SSH.

The standard process did not run through, it stopped with " can’t write to /home/pi"
IMHO the user pi doesn’t exist on an openhabian installation? Is that a sign that the SSD doesn’t get enough power?

@opus I agree with your HO. Not sure about the SSD not getting enough power but I have read that some SATA adapters wont work with the RPI. Here’s a link to what I have confirmed to work with the RPI

Thanks for the Response. I shopped at AliExpress a bundle of SSD and Case with Cable. The case “looks” the same as yours.

Unfortunately I’ve found AliExpress to be notorious for look alike products. I guess that’s the trade off to paying half the price.

If you have a SATA to USB cable, not the case package, try using that instead. Maybe you can borrow a different case/cable from someone, just to test and verify.

I agree with your power question. I also agree that on openhabian there is no pi user in the end but as part of the building process pi is changed to openhabian.

I suspect power as one of the first things booting a new pi image would be to prepare directories chances are when the writes start kicking in you might have a power surge.

There are dual usb cables to extract power from a supplemental source you could try one of those or a larger power adapter on the pi possibly.

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Thanks for both hints, will try all and report.

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Using an old “Icy-box” for the SSD (with just an USB cable [2.0?], but the possibility for connecting a powersource on the second USB) did (initially) the trick. The install is running now. I’ll keep it that way until I have a better cable.

It did work at the beginning, but stopped while installing vim etc. So I would still say it is the power-problem. Will get another cable.

I cloned my current image, from sd card to image, from image to ssd. (Not directly, i used an usb stick (a few weeks) and a hdd (a few months) in between.)

win32diskimager can also copy devices to images.

The problem was most probable the power supply. Flashing a clean image using etcher was no problem. I wanted to start on a clean system!

Reporting back:

I bougth another SATA adapter as suggested by @H102, however after some more trials it worked with the original one. What was need was a power-supply with an output of 5,25V and 2.1Amp.
I can’t say anything against the suggested SATA adapter and cable, I just didn’t use it with the changed power supply (it is running, keep it!).