Starting over

I have been successfully running OH on a Pi 3 on Raspian for some time now. Nothing fancy. Other than a few beginner problems here and there it’s been working ok.

I’d like to upgrade to OpenHABian on a Pi 4 and ensure the core platform is clean and standard - fresh OpenHAB focused base.

But, is there a way to get all my current rules and config across so I don’t have to go re-add all the z-wave modules again and re-program things?

Couldn’t see anything obvious in the doc. Is it simply a matter of copying across some specific files and rebooting?

You can use sudo openhab-cli backup.

See this post and topic: How to backup openhab (Suggest discussion docs and future docs for backup strategies which is lacking)

BTW I moved from Rpi 2 on SD card to Rpi3 with SSD using openhab-cli backup with no issues.

So simply backup OpenHAB on the Raspian 3 and restore on the shiny new OpenHABian 4… that’s way too obvious (doh!) :slight_smile:


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Not sure if it makes a difference but check that you are using the same Distro as I think Rpi new install will be Buster.

It shouldnt make a difference.

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Thanks for confirming. :+1:

I have spent the weekend going from a RPI 3B+ to RPI 4 with USB boot and SSD with the latest Raspberry Pi OS and can confirm that OH works just fine with that setup.

Cool - so which Raspberry Pi OS are you using Craig?

If you’re after the latest one, you can simply apt-get upgrade yours.

Or use the experimental image found here.

On the older Pi3 Debian Jessie at the moment. Buster on the Pi4. Definitely like the idea of getting the Pi4 onto OpenHABian - makes sense since it’s dedicated to OpenHAB.

Is it possible to backup from Pi3 with Jessie and restore onto a Pi4 with OpenHABian?

Depends on what you refer to in terms of Backup & Restore
If you refer to OS or filesystem level B&R - forget it, you don’t want to mix ancient and brand new programs and data.
But if you only mean the OH config data then yes. Install your RPi4 from scratch with the image I linked to, use openhab-cli backup/restore, bang, Bob’s your uncle.
Well, assuming you already run a recent OH version on your old box. If not, you might be subject to problems to arise from that OH upgrade.

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Sorry for the delay,

The latest Raspberry Pi OS is called just that - ‘Raspberry PI OS’ and I’m using the 32-bit version

Yes, just the OH config Markus. I really want to avoid adding every single z-wave module all over again. OS I want fresh.

Have been trying to upgrade the current OS and OH but failing terribly on that front. Getting errors. Need to have another look. Otherwise, perhaps install the slightly older OH on the Pi4, restore and then upgrade?

Upgrade OH on your old box first and get that to work before you migrate elsewhere.

Ok, that was simple… installed the fresh Pi4 with the latest stable OpenHABian image, setup the WiFi, booted for the first time and logged in. Restored the OH backup from the slightly older 2.5.2 OH + Raspbian Pi3. Confirmed the z-stick serial port and I have control… Alexa working too.

Things do seem a little inconsistently slow at the moment, i.e. sometimes takes 4-5 seconds before a lamp responds. Is this the z-wave network settling or is there something to check or tweak?

Looking to try out Visual Studio Code next - see if it can help me tidy up my code/rules etc.

Also need to see if the need to reboot twice daily has gone away - otherwise I know what I’m doing tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the pointers… :grin:

Other than few more details, sounds like this mostly ran it’s course, but I wasn’t sure what you meant by “some time now”:

If “some time” is “couple / few years” it may be time to consider ordering a fresh SD card from a known, trusted supplier (and then immediately testing it) to have on hand “just in case.” :wink:

Or if not now, perhaps at some point in future… Just something to keep in mind.

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As @TRS-80 mentioned you should have an extra SD card on stand-by or consider using an SSD. SSD’s will eventually fail also but you should get much more use than an SD card, plus 120G size is cheap. :wink:

It’s another myth that to buy from a trusted vendor/supplier will significantly increase lifetime.
You mustn’t get the cheapest one, but other than that, save your money.

Yes, some time has been multiple years. The strange upgrade behaviour could indeed be an SD card thing… Anyway, all on the Pi4 and has been solid since the move on Saturday…

Great post you have there, touching on lots of relevant issues.

I suppose I was mostly referring to receiving outright fakes, which is surprisingly common even on platforms like Amazon for instance who many people (mistakenly IMO) think of as a “trusted” source.

Besides that, like tkaiser mostly so far I personally have taken the view that there are only so many actual manufacturers of flash chips (mostly they start with “S” or “T”), everyone else is buying from them.

Having said that, recently even I started making some experiments with the much cheaper Micro Center branded SD cards and especially USB sticks, the latter of which seem to be surprisingly hard to find nowadays in smaller sizes at any reasonable price.

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