Starting with a small home automation

Hi al,
I would like to automate a single rolldown shutter so
it closes/opens automatically when getting darker/lighter (light-dark info through the net… possibly
and not at home (ping ip of phone).

If this project succeeds I would like to add :slightly_smiling

  • doorlock with nfc (needs to be logged)
  • ip-cam (with recording on sd/usb/…)
  • some ligths (switch on/off + status)

I already own and would like to use the raspberry pi and a eltako egs12z-uc (which has a seperate input for up/down control for my rolldown shutter)

I am wondering if I am in the right place for these types of projects?
I have a bit of notice about coding (basics of java/html/…)
Not to forget; the price needs to be as low as possible :wink:

thx for any advice!