State of openHAB Apps

Hello everyone,

today I wanna address the openHAB apps for Android and iOS.

Some issues I do have with them:

  1. Burger menu is not that great these days, since phones grow bigger and it is hard to reach
  2. UI is not really modern anymore and does not feel nice

I created a quick mockup with what I would personally prefer:

I tried to get a modern look here and switched to a bottom navigation.

An additional thought I had while making this, that it would be pretty neat to add the same style to a widget, since our widgets look rather old as well :thinking:

I would love to get your thoughts and we might be able to change things up :slight_smile:

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I believe the apps currently use the Basic UI sitemaps.

The framework used by the new OH3 UI has mobile features too. I believe.

I mean it will still have to be implemented as native UI, doesn’t it?
Sitemaps are actually just a kind of markup language/dsl for building ui and elemtents.
The website and apps will still have to interpret them and render a UI.
And I think we could easily enhance the apps with something nice in the rendering section.

I did not take a look at OH 3 UIs by now to be honest.

You really should, as the new UI is completely different.

Can I see it anywhere in a demo or as screenshots? :slight_smile:

These tutorials and wikis have many screenshots:


Thank you!
There does not seem to be any mobile/app layout. Or am I too dumb?

It looks nice on mobiles too! It’s just that the screenshots were made on a desktop. :slight_smile:

The UI is build with:

See also:

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I see, so we will not keep the native apps as they are anyways?

There’s already an issue/PR to integrate the new UI into the Android App:

It’s all still very much work in progress so it remains to be seen what UI functionality is added/removed to/from the native Apps. The native apps still have added value over a PWA of course because integrations like Tasker on Android.


I see, maybe it would make sense to see if we can have the rendering code within the apps as well to prevent having to download html and css :thinking:

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