State of the KNX 2.x binding


I’m wondering, what is happend with the KNX 2.0 binding?
Are there any informations about project/development state?
One year ago it’s sounds like the new binding is only a bit away from being part of the official openhab2 package!?!

I had a similar question, may be this thread helps.

Hello dears, is there same this community website for KNX you know?

Don’t really understand the question?

openHAB is an open source project supporting many different technologies.
Including KNX

yes, I mean as this community is helpful and you can ask question about openHAB, and related topics such as binding and supported equipment.

I am looking for community about KNX in specific, so I can see discussion, tutorials, and ask specifically about KNX equipment and ETS…

Okay, this isn’t it.

Maybe you are looking then for this community?

As a downside, good part of the articles are in German. But if you ask your questions in English, you will get answers in English.

Also there is always Google translate.

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