State representation is not visible in ios application user interface when an item is represented as a switch in the sitemap

I’m pretty new in openHAB, and I’d like to ask a thing.
I’m using the latest stable version of openHABian on a raspberry pi 3.

I’m trying to insert a button that opens my front door of the house, and I would like to put in the same row of the item of the switch also a number that represents me the times that the door was opened in the day.

And I think I succeeded, but this number is only present if I open openHAB from the android application or from the browser, on the other hand, if I open the openHAB application from the iPhone, the opening number is not shown , as you can see from the figure below.


Below are also the instructions that I wrote for this button and counter.


 String OpenDoor "Porta [%s]" <frontdoor-open> {autoupdate="false"}


Switch item=OpenDoor mappings=[x="Apri"]


var Number counter = 0

rule "Trigger stairs door button"
	Item OpenDoor received command
    val results = executeCommandLine("sh /etc/openhab2/scripts/", 50000)
	logInfo("execTest", results)
	counter = counter + 1

Am I wrong somewhere?
Or do you think it could be a bug in the openHAB application for iOS?
In case there could be another way to do this?