States mapping (transformations)


as i read in the other thread, there are no possibilities at the moment to deal with mappings/transformations right in the dashboard, without creating a separate item and a rule to fill up that separate item.

Is there a chance to implement that into HAPpanel? Something like using “MAP(” instead of just %s or nothing in the appropriate field while creating a widget.


I have requested a new widget as per the following

If you like the idea or have ideas to improve on it then please comment.


I do transforms this way since habpanel dont really support it natively…

<div ng-if="itemValue('Lower_LivingRoom_Motion_Sensor')=='OPEN'">
  <span style="color: red; font-size: 8pt">MOTION!</span>

<div ng-if="itemValue('Lower_LivingRoom_Motion_Sensor')=='CLOSED'">
  <span style="color: green; font-size: 8pt">NONE</span>

works really well

Is there a way to get this code in to a dummy widget, and link it to a .map file ?

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