Static ip address not helping

Hello !
I have Raspberry pi 3 is My broker.
my esp8266 is connected to raspberry through local ip address .
every time when router is rebooted every device may change their ip addresses and i will be forced to reflash my esp8266 nodemcu. afterwards i have decided to use static ip address with dhcpcd.conf . but internet connection is lost and can’t be online on . how can i decide this question ? please help!



check if your router has the option to keep the leased IPs as reserved
In this way, your clients will be using dynamic IPs and your DHCP on the router will not change them
(if you want to use static) Your IP configs on the clients are most likely missing the default gateway


which one is correct to configure static ip dhcpcd.conf or network/interfaces ?
and why my raspberry is losing internet connection?
my dhcpdcd.conf
(interface wlan0)
static ip_address…
should i change to (interface eth0)

or should i use nginx for this purpose?

i just want to establish connection with esp8266 )))

thanks. i am online and have static ip address

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