Status 400 for PUT for small number values

From time to time I have those log entries:
2023-11-04 16:21:51.963 [WARN ] [HABApp.connection.openhab ] - Status 400 for PUT http://localhost:8080/rest/items/num_PVLogger_Pac_Avg15/state 8.670277065700955e-05

The value is written by .oh_post_update() for a NumberItem. It seems that it can’t handle that kind or representation (with e).

That’s an interesting one. What would you have expected?

I think maybe I’ll check for the exponent and then format it accordingly.

I assume that there is a limitation in the REST interface of OH. Best would be to have it changed there.
But I think that your proposal would overcome it as well. I would appreciate if you could implement that.

Fixed in 23.11.0