Status/icon of group-switch item in habpanel is not refreshing [openhabian]

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hi, i have an issue with habpanel that is running on a fire hd with chrome. when i change the status of a switch item in my habpanel after a refresh of the habpanel website the svg-icon and status changes right but when i want to move the status back with a second touch nothing happens - when i klick on the refresh button in the opper right corner i can see it. so technically it works but not in the habpanel frontend view - can anybody give me a hint howi can solve this problem? is this a refresh problem ?

Is the switch controlling a group item? If so it is probably related to Group Switch not Updating.

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yes, the switch controls a group item - the issue appears after upgrading openhabian from 2.4 to 2.5 - i will try to use a rule for the switch with each item inside the rule instead of grouping the items. perhaps this solves the problem.

ok i testet it - a new switch with rules for ON and OFF works fine - so it must be an issue with group switches. i named them like this: Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) BeleuchtungHaus “Haus” - and this does not work any more with update openhabian 2.4 to 2.5. do i use a wrong group syntax or is this a bug?