Status/icon of group-switch item in habpanel is not refreshing [openhabian]

hi, i have an issue with habpanel that is running on a fire hd with chrome. when i change the status of a switch item in my habpanel after a refresh of the habpanel website the svg-icon and status changes right but when i want to move the status back with a second touch nothing happens - when i klick on the refresh button in the opper right corner i can see it. so technically it works but not in the habpanel frontend view - can anybody give me a hint howi can solve this problem? is this a refresh problem ?

Is the switch controlling a group item? If so it is probably related to Group Switch not Updating.

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yes, the switch controls a group item - the issue appears after upgrading openhabian from 2.4 to 2.5 - i will try to use a rule for the switch with each item inside the rule instead of grouping the items. perhaps this solves the problem.

ok i testet it - a new switch with rules for ON and OFF works fine - so it must be an issue with group switches. i named them like this: Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) BeleuchtungHaus “Haus” - and this does not work any more with update openhabian 2.4 to 2.5. do i use a wrong group syntax or is this a bug?

I had this same problem, and searched everywhere. Eventually found the solution for me after 2 weeks. Posting it here if it helps someone in future.

My problem was parental controls/content filtering for the network. No matter what settings I used on OSX’s parental control for web filtering (INCLUDING FULL WHITELIST) prevented habpanel items from updating on their own. If you checked the debug consul in chrome you would see elements timing out, or not answering in time. The browser did not matter on OSX, safari, chrome, etc. all did the same thing unless web content filtering was turned OFF.

The problem was similar on the Android tablet, I had an add blocker plugin that caused the same issue. However on the tablet I could whitelist the local IP of my openhab server and that solved the problem.

Hope this helps somebody out there.