Status on Wink Binding

Is there any progress on a wink binding, especially now that they offer local control?

I have some commercial electric downlights that I really like. I can control them with the Amazon Echo but would prefer to use OpenHAB.

It seems like the Homebridge plug-in has decent support.



Did you ever get your question answered. I have the same downlights and and my Z-Wave Schlage lock I can’t get connected to my Aeostick. I would love to connect everything through my old Wink. I was surprised to see my old Wink had Z-Wave Plus. I also have a Wink Relay that can also control two switches.

Hi I am also hoping the wink binding is updated for 2.5 I tried to work on it myself but its beyond my java skills. I downgraded to 2.4 until something is worked out.