Stelpro 2 wire thermostat STZW402+ review

I have been looking for a z-wave compliant thermostat for my baseboard heaters for a while. I looked at some of the others such as the Sinope, however all of them either ran through wifi or depended on third party cloud services. As far as I can tell, this Stelpro is the only zwave 2 wire thermostat out there.

I am happy to report that the Stelpro was dead simple to install and configure. Here’s a link to the product.§×¿!f¤«½

I am in canada and purchased it from aartech

Chris has just added it to the items database for me (thanks Chris!).

It works great with OpenHab2. Here’s my items configuration

// Bedroom Thermosta
Number BDRM_THERM_HeatSetPoint        "Heat Set [%.1f C]"                            <thermostat>    (ALL,THERM)                   {zwave="3:0:command=thermostat_setpoint,setpoint_type=1,setpoint_scale=0,refresh_interval=20" }
Number BDRM_THERM_Mode                "Mode [MAP(]"            <climate>       (ALL,THERM)                   {zwave="3:0:command=thermostat_mode"}
Number BDRM_THERM_Operating_State     "Operation State [MAP(]"              (ALL,THERM)                   {zwave="3:0:command=thermostat_operating_state,refresh_interval=60"}
Number BDRM_THERM_Temperature         "Thermostat temperature [%.1f °C]"             <temperature>   (ALL,THERM,ff)                {zwave="3:0:command=sensor_multilevel,sensor_type=1,refresh_interval=60"}

I am having a bit of an issue with the setting of the eco mode. But don’t really care enough to look into it as i’ll never use it. :wink:

If anyone else has purchased this, would be curious to know if you found any tips.

The only thing I will say this is sort of odd, is that when the thermostat is on (partially). ie… it’s just keeping the temperature constant. The thermostat reports off/on almost every few seconds. This appears to be the case that it isn’t using the full power since the room isn’t cold enough that it has to keep itself on for long. When I see this behavior only 1 or 2 out of the 3 “power bars” on the stelpro are lit. Other than that seems to work perfect.

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Thanks for this, I’ve been searching for a stat like this for my house so very interested in your review and actually ordering a couple units today…
On the on off report/ power bar issue (btw I’m no expert on stats) I think from what I’ve read is actually one of the benefits of the stat. In the manual shows the power settings of the unit as it maintains the room temperature. I forget the term I read describing the function, but instead of switching the heater full on to maintain the room temp this unit only applies as much power to the circuit as needed for the baseboard to maintain the temp. Those ‘workload’ ranges on the power bar 0- 25% power to 100%, hence that behavior of it reporting on and off to the network more often depending on the workload makes sense.Theoretically saving energy, some vendors claim up to 30% one the 24v stats … I’ll let you know my experience once I get my units installed and get to play with them! :slight_smile:

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