Stopping events.log for specific bindings?

I’m trying to find the best way to stop specific bindings from logging Events in the events.log.

Stated in here would be either all or nothing approach.

I’m not so into log4j, so is there a way to tell it, please only log “WARN” for e.g. weather1 binding and log everything else on the eventbus?

You cannot modify what gets logged in events.log. events.log is logging from the Event Bus. All the statements come from the same class so there is no way to filter anything out. You can either turn off events.log entirely or you can get all events from all Items logged to it.

However, How to watch and look through logging

ok. Thing is, I really don’t need updated items on every run (like weather1 every 15min). And I want to reduce writings on SDCard. But perhaps I just change the logging to either my NAS or an external USB-HD…

Activating WARN loglevel for events, I lose all the other INFO item states, I’d like to have (e.g. for other bindings like KNX or something).

Or turn events.log off. Those are your options. events.log is intended to log everything that happens on the Event Bus. You can’t pick and choose because it isn’t an individual binding making the logs, it is the Event Bus.

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