Stopping zram-config on shutdown takes about 5 minutes?!

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 4 (4 GB RAM)
    • OS/openHAB: openHAQBian v1.6.2

I was wondering why a restart tooks more than 5 minutes. When I connected a monitor to my Rasberry PI, I encountered why it is so long.

Stopping of zram-config on shutdown needs more than 5 minutes.

Any ideas?


The zram-config.service file contains a row which defines a timeout:


this is used to make sure that during startup and shutdown the zram content is being synced.

Ah, ok.
But, is this timeout enough to correctly shutdown zram service?

It’s possibly a bug that has been fixed meanwhile.
Try reinstalling ZRAM from the menu.

From menu means: openhabian-config - “30 System Settings” - and then?
“Use ZRAM” causes an error “There was an error or interuption during the execution of: 30 | System Settings … Please try again …” => error comes again. :frowning:

did you use the 2nd (unnumbered) line to uninstall ?
Set debugmode=maximum in /etc/openhabian.conf first and record terminal output before you retry

OK, uninstalling ZRAM was possible and then also “Use ZRAM” was sucessful.

Boot time seems to be much better. Thx.