Storing remote data


Completely new only just signed on.

I am looking graph temperature points from a remote location.
I want the ability to store the data and retrieve in a graphical form.

I’m able to provide remote storage

I’m sure there are many ways of achieving this but can anybody point me in a direction to get started with a ‘spec’.

The remote sites all have IP interfaces to open source equipment

With openhab you should be able to persist data and then show graphs. You should giv e us some more insights about your project. Maybe openhab is not the right thing for you. Just to store Data and get some graphice you could use influxdb and grafana as well.

Depends all on your use case.

I am looking to take readings from a KNX system installed at a remote location. Store them and then present them on a laptop or app.

Initially this is just for our personal benefit but i can see that it could grow arms and legs.

I more interested in the big picture as i want to start with the right set up to begin with.

First step is to get all your data reading on the one system (openhab) you can display this current data on a sitemap.

Then you need to install persistence to log/store/persist this data into a database I use influxdb

Yay you have all your data in one place logging and you want to look at this data in a pretty graph.
I use

openHAB is the tool you use to gather all the data and stick it in influxdb

OK Thanks
That would get me an ‘immediate’ solution.
I see there is a KNX binding so presume that this would be relatively straightforward.
I presume the data base can be any remote hosting
If I wanted to present the graphical data for a customer in an app …

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