Strange behavior in charts when I put two measures together


When I press I see the value on which I have pressed. Up to here everything is correct.

I want to visualize in this graph the sum of values, for example, of the item “energy_active_group”. At first I do not see the value as I want.

However, if I go to Coodernadas → Fixed (day) → Add (1 dimension) if I see the value, but not as I want.

Also, if I go to the code part and I replicate the code of the Item that if I see how I want it but I change the item in question, it does appear as I want. This does not help me since a normal user cannot go to the code part and modify it each time … and it also does not help me to generate a graph and make it the one that opens since different values ​​may be required and crossed.

What I want is to be able to select both items from the list of items and that they can be displayed with a dynamic type.
Note: this group (energy_active_group) is the sum of several measures and is not semantic.