Strange behavior of Alexa / Hue Emulation

Hello all!
First, please excuse if something is missing, as this is my first post within this community.

Lets start with my setup.
I’ve got openHAB3 running in an Docker container on my server. Container is up to date.
I’ve got the Hue Emulation configured and using it to access items on my openHAB instance through my Alexa devices.

Now to the strange behavior.
The connectivity is working fine. I can switch lights on and off etc. without any issues but only as long as, as one specific Alexa device is connected and online.
As soon as this one is turned off, all devices are shown as offline. Strangest is, that this one is the oldest Alexa I own (1st gen). Have also an Echo Plus, Dot (3rd gen) and Show (1st gen).
Is there an explanation for this issue? It would be great, if this functionality would not be dependent on this specific device.

I already reinstalled the hue emulation extension and recreated all devices. The behavior is always the same.

Does anybody know something about this?


What kind of devices do you use ?
As your description lets room to speculate I might be wrong in what I am guessing now:
Are these devices/lights zigbee lights that were paired with your Alexa box ?
If this is the case it is normal that the devices are offline as soon as the controller/coordinator ( which in this case your Alexa device is ) will be switched off.

As written above this might be wrong. In that case please provide more information.

Are your other Echo devices paired with the Hue Emulation?

If you go to “http://(openhab ip)/api/status” page how many “Echo” users does it show?


That is not correct.
The lights are triggered via MQTT from openHAB (works perfectly fine all the time). So I have defined them as Switch within openHAB, which is sending the command to my broker. In addition I assigned the “Lighting” tag, as per Hue Emulation documentation, so the items get picked up as Hue lights.

On the API status Page, I do not see any Echo devices. In the Hue section it just shows me all the published lights and sensors. The Amazon Account Binding shows all devices and I am also able to send commands to them.

Shown offline where?

Within the Alexa app and I am only getting the response that the device is not reachable when I try to turn it off or on via voice command.
Triggering the light via openHAB works fine.

So what users do you have listed on the Hue Emulation status page? It should look something like:

Looks like this on my side. I only have this to Users there, no “Echos” showing up there.

The first “on-the-go-user” is probably your one echo that works.

Is your Hue Emulation running on port 80 and did you setup nginx to map the “/api” request as mentioned in the documentation? If not then my guess is that your newer devices are failing to pair with the Hue Emulation.