Strange errors in VSCode terminal

I’m starting to see errors like this in the VSCode terminal:

The type TriggerRules is already defined in trigger.rules.

I get similar errors for all my rules files and these seem new. I’m running OH2.3 on a RPi3 and I edit the files from a samba share on a Mac using VSCode. I’ve also noticed that my rules are getting validated twice, here’s an example:

Starting validation for input: 'trigger.rules'

Anyone know what this is all about?

Some talk about it here

I don’t know about the first error but the double validation is quite normal. This is to do with the trigger detection of the file change. As you are using a remote access, the file change will trigger when the save is requested and again when it is actually done. (It think that’s the reason, or something like that but I may be talking out of my backside again)