Strange extensions name in Paper UI after setting up openhab2 using "Setting up an IDE for openHAB" procedure


I try to setup a new openhab2 environment development last weekend using the procedure
describe at this URL:

All seems thine, and openhab2 launch correctly.
But when accessing the paper UI, looking at the extensions sections, all bindings, user interfaces, and persistence services has strange name like if they were demo entries.

For exemple, in binding tabs, I’ve got entries like this:
nHNsb Binding
binding0 - 1.0

goGYO Binding
binding2 - 1.0
FvPan Binding
binding1 - 1.0


I certainly miss something somewhere, but don’t know where to search to solve this issues.

Can someone help me?


This is all fully ok and expected. It is simply a sample extension service that is available within the IDE.
The extension service, which reads and operates the Karaf features cannot be used in the IDE, because we cannot launch Karaf there, but simply start a plain Equinox OSGi framework.


If you are asking because you want to run a specific binding, you can just edit the openhab debug configuration you are using and select the OSGI bundle of the binding you want to use so it gets started within the Equinox OSGi framework.



There is some old attempt which was allowing that called EIK (Eclipse Integration for Karaf) but I am not sure of its state.