Strange Google Assistant Issue with Google Mini

I’ve Google Assistant linked to my android phone and work correctly.
I’ve also a Google Mini speaker with same settings. When I try to turn on a light it answer me something like “sorry but openhab is unavailable at the moment” BUT IT TURN ON LIGHT AND WORK CORRECTLY.
How to fix it?

I think that is not related to openhab, because i have the same issue with Bticino Living Now. But not with Openhab.
Maybe you can try AddDevice (i have the app in italian so i dont know the exact translate) ->works with google click on openHAB and select reconnect account.

Ok proverò grazie

Io ho appena provato con la Living Now, vediamo se risolve… era mesi che dovevo fare una prova.

@dariocdj @Lamerjack
English please guys, this is an international community !

Dario just said that “will try”
And me i will try the same with living now on google home.
For me dindt fix.
Anyway seems that is not something related to openhab google home integration…
Just a google bug.