Strange MQTT log

Hi, i am getting these error messages, without even using MQTT.
Mosquitto is uninstalled, MQTT binding is removed, Broker-Thing is removed. I still get this logmessage every 10 secs. Even after rebooting multiple times. Please someone help me. It is very annoying having this appear in my logs so often.

15:14:56.527 [INFO ] [o.transport.mqtt.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection to '' with clientid 8B567BCDCD684E29BC1132440066AADB
15:15:06.534 [INFO ] [t.reconnect.PeriodicReconnectStrategy] - Try to restore connection to ''. Next attempt in 10000ms

Ok, i got the error. It is not the MQTT Broker or Mosquitto. It is the iRobot Binding, trying to connect to my Roomba, which is currently in repair.