Strategy to reduce influx data (purge, ...; 5 minutes => hourly)

I have several persistances created to store the values in a influxdb (temperatures, every 5 minutes).

After one week there is no need to have these detailed values anymore.

How can I “reduce” the values, drop old values by command/script?
Before do this I need to create/store one hour average values from the 5 minutes values? How …?
Or should I store the hour average permanent (live) and only reduce the 5 minute values if needed?

Is there a “best practice” to these cases?

It sounds an awful lot like rrd4j would be a better choice for you as you are trying to replicate what rrd4j does by default.

To do this with InfluxDB will have to take place wholly within InfluxDB or with external scripts. OH has nothing that can do this for you.

Start here:

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