String from item


I have generated a item with a String ( i Use a Exec Operation to get a hex value) now i Must Use the value of this to Split this hex Datas in a Script. ( in a rule it was not possible.
I Programmed the Script with the String "var String = “afec1725189afe…” Now i have the Problem to get the value of the item in the Script
A Other Option are that i can do Read the value Direct from a file e.g hexdata.txt

How can i solve it ?

What happened when you tried to have the code in a rule?

Nothing :confounded:was happend. no actual values.
now i’ve found the error to get the value as decimalType and this value I muliplicated by 1.0 and i’ve got the result. I split the rule in 2 rules.
The rule is now very long but its work. ( I must recalculating the Hex-String values in a decimal value)