String item with ModeController: Spaces not possible?


I’m on the OH 2.5.11-1 on Ubuntu and I’m trying to get the ModeController working. However I need a space on the left side of the assignment and that seems to break the Alexa connectivity. Use case is to switch TV_Channels via Kodi.
This one works!

String TV_Sender       "Licht Garage" {alexa="ModeController.mode" [supportedModes="ARD_HD=ARD,ZDF_HD=ZDF",ordered=false, friendlyNames="Licht Garage"]}

But once I delete the underscore (which I need to) I cannot connect to the Item with Alexa…
This one does not work:

String TV_Sender       "Licht Garage" {alexa="ModeController.mode" [supportedModes="ARD HD=ARD,ZDF HD=ZDF",ordered=false, friendlyNames="Licht Garage"]}

Does anyone have an idea? I found some examples in the web with spaces on the left side.

Thanks a lot!

It should work as you configured it. It’s probably the way you are formulating your requests. If you can share the exact utterances you are using and the response you are getting.

To be clear the left side of a supported mode is the value that the item should be set in OH and the right side is the label you want to use when making requests via Alexa. Keep in mind that abbreviation terms such as channel names may require a space in between for it to be recognized on the Alexa side. You should check your Alexa voice history to determine what was understood.

On a side note, I am not sure why you labelled that item “Garage Light” when it is supposed to be to control your Kodi device, as indicated.


thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile: Just ignore the “Garage” for the moment, that’s a test value and copy-pasted.

I’m not (yet) talking to Alexa but instead I’m using the Alexa App to set the value. So it should not at all be connected to my utterances. That works fine with my first example but not with the second one. In the Alexa-App the Items shows a dropdown with the names on the right side of the assignment. But I get an error when the left side has any spaces once I try to set it. Nothing appears in the events.log

Once I exchange the spaces with underscores it works and I get the correct value in the events.log. That’s why I assumed it must have something to do with the spaces.

Do you have an idea? I’m really confused.

So there is a bug in the Alexa app. I ran a test and I can see the error you experienced. If you request by voice, the proper command is sent to the OH server.

I opened a support case with the Alexa developer support team.

Hey, thanks a lot! I will give it a try with the voice command. Didn’t know there could be a difference between the App and the voice command.

Amazon finally fixed this bug! I got confirmation that they patched it today and I was able to confirm it was resolved.