Struggling since days to setup openhab in FreeBSD (FreeNAS) jail


Since days I try to setup the openhab within a FreeBSD (jail) environment.

I got it running with homematic (via CCU2) binding and also got some sensors values read out. Also the basic presentation via web is working.

Now the main problem right now is: I’m only managed to run openhab as root user.
I created “openhab” user within a “openhab” group.
I assigned the read/write/execute rights for entire openhab folder to this user/group.

But if I run the same as openhab user, it happens ‘nothing’.
Just “Launching the openHAB runtime…” as last message.

I did not found any proper guide for this “standard” user case “run openhab as “normal” user”.

Please help.

Thank you in advanced.

So, no OpenHAB@FreeNAS users here :frowning:

New to openHab, but there where some unmet dependencies in a fresh jail for me on FreeNAS.

The Karaf start scripts relies on bash being installed and located in /bin

The fix for me was to install bash in the jail using pkg and then creating a symlink for /bin/bash