Struggling with python code and mqtt

Hi all,

I’d like to use a python code to connect with my security system with openhabian but it says 'ImportError: No module named ‘paho’. My python skills aren’t great and i know that paho is already installed on my openhab(ian) what do i need to do to work around it?

many thanks

I think the python paho module is actually called “paho-mqtt”. So that would be the first issue.

Secondly, I am not familiar with openhabian but I did a quick search in the github repository project and I didn’t find anything related to paho being installed out of the box. I may be wrong as I don’t have such setup in hand to confirm.

As far as installing the paho python module, you should be able to run the following command to do so:

pip install paho-mqtt

Of course, you should always work with Python in a Python venv.
I would choose a Python 3 version because Python 2 is officially dead in January 2019.

Cheers for that, so i went ahead and installed paho-mqtt as suggested but am still getting the same error message? It all works fine on a seperate Pi but i’d like it to run on the same pi as openhab.

Here’s the code

# Copyright(c) 2018 Khor Chin Heong (
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import select
import socket
import time
import datetime
import threading
from datetime import timedelta
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt

DOMAIN = "comfort2"

ALARMINPUTTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/input%d"   #input1,input2,... input96 for every input
ALARMVIRTUALINPUTRANGE = range(17,65)   #set this according to your system
ALARMINPUTCOMMANDTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/input%d/set"   #input17,input18,... input64 for virtual inputs

ALARMNUMBEROFOUTPUTS = 16    #set this according to your system
ALARMOUTPUTTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/output%d" #output1,output2,... for every output
ALARMOUTPUTCOMMANDTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/output%d/set" #output1/set,output2/set,... for every output

ALARMNUMBEROFRESPONSES = 255    #set this according to your system
ALARMRESPONSECOMMANDTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/response%d/set" #response1,response2,... for every response

ALARMNUMBEROFFLAGS = 255    #set this according to your system
ALARMFLAGTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/flag%d"   #flag1,flag2,...flag255
ALARMFLAGCOMMANDTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/flag%d/set" #flag1/set,flag2/set,... flag255/set

ALARMNUMBEROFCOUNTERS = 255        # set according to system
ALARMCOUNTERINPUTRANGE = DOMAIN+"/counter%d"  #each counter represents a CBus value
ALARMCOUNTERCOMMANDTOPIC = DOMAIN+"/counter%d/set" # set the counter to a value for between 0 (off) to 255 (full on)

MQTTBROKERIP = "localhost"
MQTTUSERNAME = "comfort"
MQTTPASSWORD = "#######"
COMFORTIP = "######"
PINCODE = "####"
TIMEOUT = timedelta(seconds=30) #Comfort will disconnect if idle for 120 secs, so make sure this is less than that
RETRY = timedelta(seconds=5)

class ComfortLUUserLoggedIn(object):
    def __init__(self, datastr="", user=0):
        if datastr:
            self.user = int(datastr[2:4], 16)
            self.user = int(user)

class ComfortIPInputActivationReport(object):
    def __init__(self, datastr="", input=0, state=0):
        if datastr:
            self.input = int(datastr[2:4], 16)
            self.state = int(datastr[4:6], 16)
            self.input = int(input)
            self.state = int(state)

class ComfortCTCounterActivationReport(object): # in format CT1EFF00 ie CT (counter) 1E = 30; state FF00 = 65280
    def __init__(self, datastr="", input=0, state=0):
        if datastr:
            self.counter = int(datastr[2:4], 16)
            self.state = int(datastr[4:6], 16) # Comfort code document says always 4 digits
            self.counter = int(counter)
            self.state = int(state)
class ComfortOPOutputActivationReport(object):
    def __init__(self, datastr="", output=0, state=0):
        if datastr:
            self.output = int(datastr[2:4], 16)
            self.state = int(datastr[4:6], 16)
            self.output = int(output)
            self.state = int(state)

class ComfortFLFlagActivationReport(object):
    def __init__(self, datastr="", flag=0, state=0):
        if datastr:
            self.flag = int(datastr[2:4], 16)
            self.state = int(datastr[4:6], 16)
            self.flag = int(flag)
            self.state = int(state)

class ComfortZ_ReportAllZones(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.inputs = []
        b = (len(data) - 2) // 2   #variable number of zones reported
        for i in range(1,b+1):
            inputbits = int(data[2*i:2*i+2],16)
            for j in range(0,8):
                self.inputs.append(ComfortIPInputActivationReport("", 8*(i-1)+1+j,(inputbits>>j) & 1))

class ComfortY_ReportAllOutputs(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.outputs = []
        b = (len(data) - 2) // 2   #variable number of outputs reported
        for i in range(1,b+1):
            outputbits = int(data[2*i:2*i+2],16)
            for j in range(0,8):
                self.outputs.append(ComfortOPOutputActivationReport("", 8*(i-1)+1+j,(outputbits>>j) & 1))

class Comfortf_ReportAllFlags(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.flags = []
        b = (len(data) - 4) // 2   #b = 32
        for i in range(2,b+2):
            flagbits = int(data[2*i:2*i+2],16)
            for j in range(0,8):
                self.flags.append(ComfortFLFlagActivationReport("", 8*(i-2)+1+j,(flagbits>>j) & 1))

#mode = { 00=Off, 01=Away, 02=Night, 03=Day, 04=Vacation }
class ComfortM_SecurityModeReport(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.mode = int(data[2:4],16)
        if self.mode == 0: self.modename = "disarmed"
        elif self.mode == 1: self.modename = "armed_away"
        elif self.mode == 2: self.modename = "armed_night"
        elif self.mode == 3: self.modename = "armed_home"
        elif self.mode == 4: self.modename = "armed_vacation"

#zone = 00 means system can be armed, no open zones
class ComfortERArmReadyNotReady(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}): = int(data[2:4],16)

class ComfortAMSystemAlarmReport(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.alarm = int(data[2:4],16)
        self.triggered = True   #for comfort alarm state Alert, Trouble, Alarm
        self.parameter = int(data[4:6],16)
        if self.alarm == 0: self.message = "Intruder, Zone "+str(self.parameter)
        elif self.alarm == 1: self.message = "Zone "+str(self.parameter)+" Trouble"
        elif self.alarm == 2: self.message = "Low Battery"
        elif self.alarm == 3: self.message = "Power Failure"
        elif self.alarm == 4: self.message = "Phone Trouble"
        elif self.alarm == 5: self.message = "Duress"
        elif self.alarm == 6: self.message = "Arm Failure"
        elif self.alarm == 8: self.message = "Disarm"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 9: self.message = "Arm"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 10: self.message = "Tamper"
        elif self.alarm == 12: self.message = "Entry Warning, Zone "+str(self.parameter); self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 13: self.message = "Alarm Abort"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 14: self.message = "Siren Tamper"
        elif self.alarm == 15: self.message = "Bypass, Zone "+str(self.parameter); self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 17: self.message = "Dial Test"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 19: self.message = "Entry Alert, Zone "+str(self.parameter); self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 20: self.message = "Fire"
        elif self.alarm == 21: self.message = "Panic"
        elif self.alarm == 22: self.message = "GSM Trouble"
        elif self.alarm == 23: self.message = "New Message"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 24: self.message = "Doorbell"; self.triggered = False
        elif self.alarm == 25: self.message = "Comms Failure RS485"
        elif self.alarm == 26: self.message = "Signin Tamper"

class ComfortEXEntryExitDelayStarted(object):
    def __init__(self, data={}):
        self.type = int(data[2:4],16)
        self.delay = int(data[4:6],16)

class Comfort2(mqtt.Client):
    def init(self, mqtt_ip, mqtt_port, mqtt_username, mqtt_password, comfort_ip, comfort_port, comfort_pincode):
        self.mqtt_ip = mqtt_ip
        self.mqtt_port = mqtt_port
        self.comfort_ip = comfort_ip
        self.comfort_port = comfort_port
        self.comfort_pincode = comfort_pincode
        self.connected = False
        self.username_pw_set(mqtt_username, mqtt_password)

    # The callback for when the client receives a CONNACK response from the server.
    def on_connect(self, client, userdata, flags, rc):
        print("Connected with result code "+str(rc))
        for i in range(1, ALARMNUMBEROFOUTPUTS + 1):
            self.subscribe(ALARMOUTPUTCOMMANDTOPIC % i)
        for i in range(1, ALARMNUMBEROFRESPONSES + 1):
            self.subscribe(ALARMRESPONSECOMMANDTOPIC % i)
        for i in ALARMVIRTUALINPUTRANGE: #for virtual inputs 17-64
            self.subscribe(ALARMINPUTCOMMANDTOPIC % i)
        for i in range(1, ALARMNUMBEROFFLAGS + 1):
            self.subscribe(ALARMFLAGCOMMANDTOPIC % i)
        for i in range(1, ALARMNUMBEROFCOUNTERS + 1):
            self.subscribe(ALARMCOUNTERCOMMANDTOPIC % i)	

    def on_disconnect(self, client, userdata, rc):
        print("Disconnected with result code "+str(rc))

    # The callback for when a PUBLISH message is received from the server.
    def on_message(self, client, userdata, msg):
        #print("on message")
        msgstr = msg.payload.decode()
        print(msg.topic+" "+msgstr)
        if msg.topic == ALARMCOMMANDTOPIC:
            if self.connected:
                if msgstr == "ARM_HOME":
                    self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03m!03"+self.comfort_pincode+"\r").encode()) #arm to 03 day mode
                elif msgstr == "ARM_NIGHT":
                    self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03m!02"+self.comfort_pincode+"\r").encode()) #arm to 02 night mode
                elif msgstr == "ARM_AWAY":
                    self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03m!01"+self.comfort_pincode+"\r").encode()) #arm to 01 away mode
                elif msgstr == "DISARM":
                    self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03m!00"+self.comfort_pincode+"\r").encode()) #arm to 00 disarm mode
        elif msg.topic.startswith(DOMAIN+"/output") and msg.topic.endswith("/set"):
            output = int(msg.topic.split("/")[1][6:])
            state = int(msgstr)
            if self.connected:
                self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03O!%02X%02X\r" % (output, state)).encode())
        elif msg.topic.startswith(DOMAIN+"/response") and msg.topic.endswith("/set"):
            response = int(msg.topic.split("/")[1][8:])
            if self.connected:
                self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03R!%02X\r" % response).encode())
        elif msg.topic.startswith(DOMAIN+"/input") and msg.topic.endswith("/set"):
            virtualinput = int(msg.topic.split("/")[1][5:])
            state = int(msgstr)
            if self.connected:
                self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03I!%02X%02X\r" % (virtualinput, state)).encode())
        elif msg.topic.startswith(DOMAIN+"/flag") and msg.topic.endswith("/set"):
            flag = int(msg.topic.split("/")[1][4:])
            state = int(msgstr)
            if self.connected:
                self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03F!%02X%02X\r" % (flag, state)).encode())
        elif msg.topic.startswith(DOMAIN+"/counter") and msg.topic.endswith("/set"): # counter set
            counter = int(msg.topic.split("/")[1][7:])
            state = int(msgstr)
            if self.connected:
                self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03C!%02X%02X00\r" % (counter, state)).encode()) # counter needs 16 bit number

    def on_publish(self, client, obj, mid):
        #print("mid: " + str(mid))
    def on_subscribe(self, client, userdata, mid, granted_qos):
        #print("subscribed "+str(userdata))

    def on_log(self, client, userdata, level, buf):
        #print("log: ",buf)

    def entryexit_timer(self):
        #print("timer: "+str(self.entryexitdelay))
        self.publish(ALARMTIMERTOPIC, self.entryexitdelay)
        self.entryexitdelay -= 1
        if self.entryexitdelay >= 0:
            threading.Timer(1, self.entryexit_timer).start()
    def readlines(self, recv_buffer=BUFFER_SIZE, delim='\r'):
        buffer = ''
        data = True
        while data:
                data = self.comfortsock.recv(recv_buffer).decode()
            except socket.timeout as e:
                err = e.args[0]
                # this next if/else is a bit redundant, but illustrates how the
                # timeout exception is setup
                if err == 'timed out':
                    #print ('recv timed out, retry later')
                    self.comfortsock.sendall("\x03cc00\r".encode()) #echo command for keepalive
                    print (e)
            except socket.error as e:
                # Something else happened, handle error, exit, etc.
                print (e)
                if len(data) == 0:
                    print ('orderly shutdown on server end')
                    # got a message do something :)
                    buffer += data
                    while buffer.find(delim) != -1:
                        line, buffer = buffer.split('\r', 1)
                        yield line
    def login(self):

    def readcurrentstate(self):
        if self.connected == True:
            #get security mode
            #get all zone input states
            #get all output states
            #get all flag states
            self.publish(ALARMAVAILABLETOPIC, 1)
            self.publish(ALARMMESSAGETOPIC, "")

    def setdatetime(self):
        if self.connected == True:  #set current date and time
            now =
            self.comfortsock.sendall(("\x03DT%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d%02d\r" % (now.year, now.month,, now.hour, now.minute, now.second)).encode())

    def run(self):
        self.connect_async(self.mqtt_ip, self.mqtt_port, 60)
        self.publish(ALARMAVAILABLETOPIC, 0)
            while True:
                    self.comfortsock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
                    print("connecting to "+self.comfort_ip+" "+str(self.comfort_port))
                    self.comfortsock.connect((self.comfort_ip, self.comfort_port))

                    for line in self.readlines():
                        if line[1:] != "cc00":
                        if line[0] == "\x03":   #check for valid prefix
                            if line[1:3] == "LU":
                                luMsg = ComfortLUUserLoggedIn(line[1:])
                                if luMsg.user != 0:
                                    print("login ok")
                                    self.connected = True
                                    #client.publish(ALARMSTATETOPIC, "disarmed")
                                    self.publish(ALARMCOMMANDTOPIC, "comm test")
                            elif line[1:3] == "IP":
                                ipMsg = ComfortIPInputActivationReport(line[1:])
                                print("input %d state %d" % (ipMsg.input, ipMsg.state))
                                self.publish(ALARMINPUTTOPIC % ipMsg.input, ipMsg.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "CT":
                                ipMsgCT = ComfortCTCounterActivationReport(line[1:])
                                print("counter %d state %d" % (ipMsgCT.counter, ipMsgCT.state))
                                self.publish(ALARMCOUNTERINPUTRANGE % ipMsgCT.counter, ipMsgCT.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "Z?":
                                zMsg = ComfortZ_ReportAllZones(line[1:])
                                for ipMsgZ in zMsg.inputs:
                                    #print("input %d state %d" % (ipMsgZ.input, ipMsgZ.state))
                                    self.publish(ALARMINPUTTOPIC % ipMsgZ.input, ipMsgZ.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "M?" or line[1:3] == "MD":
                                mMsg = ComfortM_SecurityModeReport(line[1:])
                                print("alarm mode "+mMsg.modename)
                                self.publish(ALARMSTATETOPIC, mMsg.modename)
                                self.entryexitdelay = 0    #zero out the countdown timer
                            elif line[1:3] == "ER":
                                erMsg = ComfortERArmReadyNotReady(line[1:])
                                if not == 0:
                                    print("zone not ready: "+str(
                                    self.comfortsock.sendall("\x03KD1A\r".encode()) #force arm
                            elif line[1:3] == "AM":
                                amMsg = ComfortAMSystemAlarmReport(line[1:])
                                self.publish(ALARMMESSAGETOPIC, amMsg.message)
                                if amMsg.triggered:
                                    self.publish(ALARMSTATETOPIC, "triggered")
                            elif line[1:3] == "EX":
                                exMsg = ComfortEXEntryExitDelayStarted(line[1:])
                                self.entryexitdelay = exMsg.delay
                                self.publish(ALARMSTATETOPIC, "pending")
                            elif line[1:3] == "RP":
                                self.publish(ALARMMESSAGETOPIC, "Phone Ring")
                            elif line[1:3] == "DB":
                                self.publish(ALARMMESSAGETOPIC, "Door Bell")
                            elif line[1:3] == "OP":
                                ipMsg = ComfortOPOutputActivationReport(line[1:])
                                print("output %d state %d" % (ipMsg.output, ipMsg.state))
                                self.publish(ALARMOUTPUTTOPIC % ipMsg.output, ipMsg.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "Y?":
                                yMsg = ComfortY_ReportAllOutputs(line[1:])
                                for opMsgY in yMsg.outputs:
                                    #print("output %d state %d" % (opMsgY.output, opMsgY.state))
                                    self.publish(ALARMOUTPUTTOPIC % opMsgY.output, opMsgY.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "f?":
                                fMsg = Comfortf_ReportAllFlags(line[1:])
                                for fMsgf in fMsg.flags:
                                    #print("flag %d state %d" % (fMsgf.flag, fMsgf.state))
                                    self.publish(ALARMFLAGTOPIC % fMsgf.flag, fMsgf.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "FL":
                                flMsg = ComfortFLFlagActivationReport(line[1:])
                                print("flag %d state %d" % (flMsg.flag, flMsg.state))
                                self.publish(ALARMFLAGTOPIC % flMsg.flag, flMsg.state)
                            elif line[1:3] == "RS":
                                #on rare occassions comfort ucm might get reset (RS11), our session is no longer valid, need to relogin
                                print("reset detected")
                except socket.error as v:
                    #errorcode = v[0]
                    print("socket error "+str(v))
                print("lost connection to comfort, reconnecting...")
                self.publish(ALARMAVAILABLETOPIC, 0)
            infot = self.publish(ALARMAVAILABLETOPIC, 0)

mqttc = Comfort2(DOMAIN)

How are you running the script from the command line?


i think i need to find where openhab has downloaded paho?..

i found it here /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/

Yes that’s why I asked which command you are using. I don’t see a shebang at the top of the script. So I assume you are specifying the python binary when running it.

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whats the fix?

googling shebang

If the script is going to be run from openHAB, then the library needs to be installed for the openhab user. So the command should be

sudo -u openhab pip install paho-mqtt
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Cheers Rich