Struggling with Zwave TKB_TZ66-S

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb
    • OS: openHABian v1.6-880(769ea17)
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu11.41+75-CA (build 11.0.8+10-LTS)
    • openHAB version: 2.5.10

I have a TKB_TZ66 (single pad switch) zwave device. It functioned well but at some point (I think after upgrading to 2.5.5, but not sure) it started behaving erratically. It appears in paperUI as "OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR".

Sometimes the TKB_TZ66 could be switched from the openhab app but most of the time it failed. It was listed as a dual pad switch, which it is not (it’s a single pad). So I excluded it (using habmin could not get that to work in paperui) but now I cannot rediscover it…

Not sure if it is related but there is also a ghost node2 thing that is online but shown as an “Unknown Device” no idea which one that is.

Log of an inclusion can be found here:

I used the log viewer here and see only the controller traffic. Perhaps you have a hardware failure in your device.

Thanks for your reply Bruce!
Indeed that could be the case. I did use the logviewer too but I lack the knowledge to understand in detail what the log is telling me.

I was hoping that it is just a matter of synchronization:
the switch still thinks it is included while the controller thinks otherwise.

But the manual for the switch does not describe how to perform a factory reset (other then: exclude it from the controller) I have always wondered " what if a controller fails (e.g. the usb stick “breaks”).

You can exclude it using any controller - it doesn’t have to be the same controller that was used for the inclusion. This should allow you to reset the device, and I’d suggest that this is the way forward - or bring the device closer to the controller to see if that helps.

Then that is what I will do next
But will take me a while, my wife considers building the stuff that ikea just delivered more important. :slight_smile:


Happy wife, happy life :smiley:

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I brought the controller closer to the switch (Temporarily) . Then I can indeed exclude it.

I did include it again: it appears to finish the initialization, comes online, then again changes to " offline - communication error". So it it probably is broken. Have ordered a new switch…

Thanks (again) for helping out!

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One last thing to try would be to exclude, reset the device, and then include.

I have had some devices that needed to be reset before inclusion.

If it completes initialisation, such that the binding is communicating with the device, then that exercises pretty much all functionality of the device. Maybe it has poor range, but otherwise it doesn’t sounds like it is broken.

I would suggest to check the logs - if it’s working fine closer, then probably a new device will not be 100% reliable, even if it has a better range.

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Range must be really poor then: it is about 5 meters from USB stick to switch. As I have enabled wifi on raspberry PI moving it closer should not be that hard :slight_smile: Will do some more testing with that

It is a direct line of site - ie no walls, furniture etc? Range is affected by a number of different factors - not just distance, but also the amount and type of material in the way, any metal in the area, angles through walls, alignment of antennas, other electrical good nearby…

There is no " reset button" or reset combination. The manual says that exclusion causes a factory reset.

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There are 2 walls and a kitchen in between. but the thing is: it has been working flawless for some time, and nothing really changed when it started giving problems. But of course range can still be an issue

Are the walls just wooden, or brick/concrete/masonry? The material will have a big impact - not to mention if your kitchen has an oven or a fridge etc…

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I did realize that all those factors influence the zwave signal range. I just never thought that it would have such an impact on such a " small distance" .

I moved the rasperry pi closer: the switch started working without issues immediately. So I think you were right about the range @chris.

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I have had some range disappointments too but much of my hardware was cheap Chinese stuff. I figured the radios might have caused the range issue