Stuck after installing IDE - Unable to resolve imports

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I have followed the IDE installation procedure on a Windows PC but I am unable to do a build. Eclipse tells me I have 49660 errors ! I see many errors due to unresolved external imports. For example the following import statements generate an error

  • import;
  • import;
  • import org.osgi.framework.Bundle;
    I am not familiar with Java and remote repositories. I assume I am not supposed to manually download and add those dependencies to my project. I guess this is the role of Maven (?)
    One of the suggestions for a fix that Eclipse makes is to search repositories for the package and when I do so , I do find the package in question.
    Finally I believe I have Maven and m2e properly installed. The command mvn is recognized and I can see that m2e – Maven integration for Eclipse is installed.

Since posting this, I tried using Maven in command line and all seems to be working like a charm. I assume however that I should be able to work from the Eclipse directly. I am very puzzled, if anyone could explain what is going on, i would appreciate… And sorry if the question is stupid, My Eclipse experience is all in c++ and my java, web programming experience is very limited.