Stuff for sale (UK) Aqara Sensors, FP2’s, EP1’s, Echos, Hue, Wiz, Motors, Blind controllers, Sonoff, Broadlink, Water Meter, Velux etc

I have a load of bits for sale to clear out for a move. I thought I’d offer some of it here before chucking in on the 'bay

Most was purchased last year so is practically new, some stuff is boxed, some is not, please take a look at the photos and let me know if you have any questions. Everything is working and well looked after but may have signs of use.

x3 K M Electronics® Pressure MAT PAD Alarm Medium 595MM X 170MM X 3MM Floor Door Bedside Security (New Sealed, plan was to use these as bed sensors and hack an Aqara device)
x1 FlexSolar 6W USB Mini Solar Panel,5V High-Performance Monocrystalline Module Waterproof Solar Charger with Solar Cell,Suitable for Bicycles,Mobile Pho (Never used)
x1 Echo Show 5 Gen 3 Black
x1 Echo Show 5 Gen 3 White
x1 Echo Show 8 2nd Gen White
x1 Echo Show 8 2nd Gen Black
x2 Echo Flex (one with box)
x1 FireTV Remote New Sealed
x1 Amazon eero 6+ Whole Home mesh Wi-Fi 6 router (with box)
x1 Apple TV 4th Generation 32GB no remote used as a HomeKit Hub (can be controlled from iPhone)

x1 Anker Soundcore mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 15-Hour Playtime, 66-Foot Bluetooth Range, Wireless Speaker with Enhanced Bass, Noise-Canc

x1 Nuki Smart Lock 3 - comes with both adapter plates and also a Yale style barrel knob (other barrel adpaters are available for free from Nuki and adapter not required if you use a key or a knob on inside of door)

x2 XENON Zigbee Power Strip, Zigbee Surge Protector 16A, Smart Power Strips Individually Switchable Control UK

x4 TowerPro Servo Motor - MG92B (Metal Gear) from PiHut (New) - Planned on using these to control plantation shutters (if you google it you will find a project related to them)
x1 Bag of Plantation shutter 3D printed adapters (as above)

x7 Boxed Sonoff Basics
x2 Sonoff Basics (unboxed and missing various screws/plate)
x7 OHMAX Smart Plug, Energy Monitoring Smart Wifi Plug (Same as Gosund’s, cannot be flashed as they’re too new but they work great with LocalTuya)
x3 Woolley Zigbee 3.0 Smart Plug (boxed, new)
x1 Woolley Zigbee 3.0 Smart Plug (used)
x10 Ajax Online Zignito Zigbee Plug 13Amps with ENERGY Monitoring (used, with boxes)

x4 Tuya Smart Life (ZigBee version) with CT Clamp Energy Monitor (one in photos but have 4, used)
x2 Tuya Smart Life (WiFi Version) with CT Clamp Energy Monitor (one in photos but have 2, new boxed)

x12 WiZ Colour [GU10 Spot] Smart Connected WiFi Light Bulb . 60W Colour and White Light
x2 WiZ Colour [B22 Bayonet Cap] Smart Connected WiFi Light Bulb. 60W Colour and White Ligh
x3 WiZ Colour [E27 Edison Screw] Smart Connected WiFi Light Bulb. 60W Colour and White
x9 FECONN G9 Smart Bulb, Colour Changing Wi-Fi G9 Smart LED Bulbs with Music Sync (work great with LocalTuya)

x5 Yagusmart Zigbee Smart Wall Light Switch, Neutral Wire Optional (only one in the photo, but I have another 4 of these)

x6 DIY Motor Blind using 28BYJ-48 motors in 3D Printed Cases (You will find the projects using these here, never actually got chance to fit them so brand new!)
x2 controllers for above (Grey Plastic Boxes at top of image, running on ESP8266 based on Everything Smart Home’s blind project)

x1 Raspberry Pi4 Model B 4GB & Case, case & official usb-c PSU
x1 Raspberry Pi4 Model B 2GB with Geekworm Raspberry Pi Hdmi to CSI CSI-2 Module X630 with TC358743 Chip HAT & Official Pi USB-C PSU
x1 Raspberry Pi USB-C Data/Power Splitter
x1 Orange Pi Zero 2 1GB Quad-Core Dual-band WIFI Board for Android 10/Ubuntu/Debian (New, boxed, sealed)

x3 SwitchBot (Boxed, new)
x1 SwitchBot Unboxed, never used.
x4 Broadlink RM Mini 3

x5 Aqara EP2’s

x8 Aqara Motion Sensors (Boxed, New)
x11 Aqara Motion Sensors (Used, some could do with a clean up but all 100% working)

x1 Aqara Temp Sensor (Boxed, New)
x8 Aqara Temp Sensors (Used - some with stickers)

x6 Aqara Buttons (Boxed, new)
x2 Aqara Button in UK Wall Socket Adapters
x1 Wall Adapter for Aqara Buttons (new)

x1 Aqara Vibration Sensor (used)

x6 Aqara Window/Door Sensors - new type (New, boxed)
x16 Aqara Window/Door Sensors - new type (used, some with stickers)
x6 Old Style Aqara Window/Door Sensors

x3 Aqara Leak Sensors (new, boxed)
x1 Aqara Leak Sensor (used)

x1 Aqara Roller Shade Driver (New, Boxed, Sealed)
x2 Aqara Roller Shade Drivers (Used with wall mount plates)

x1 Aeotec Multi Sensor

x4 Everything Presence 1’s (EP1’s)

x8 Load Cell Sensors and drivers
x1 PCA6985 16-channel PWM Driver
x1 ESP8266 Relayx2
x8 D1 Minis ESP32’s (two in cases)
x3 D1 Mini (new)
x4 D1 Mini Cases (new)

x1 Aeotec z-stick gen7
x1 Sonoff zigbee usb 3.0 stick ZB-DONGLE-P with USB extension cable
x1 RFXCOM 433
X1 FT232 USB

x6 Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch V2 (used and with boxes and wall plates which have never been used)
x1 Philips Hue Smart Wireless Dimmer Switch V2 (no box or wall plate)
x6 IYOKI® Standard Hue Switch Cover for Philips Hue Dimmer V2, Hue Remote Light Switch Plate, 1-Gang (used)

x1 Ikea Rodret Remote control and wall adapter

x1 Ring Alarm Keypad 2nd Gen (with pairing QR Code and wall bracket, no PSU but takes a Micro USB)

x1 Velux App Control For Solar And Electric Windows/ Blinds/ Shutters (KIG 300) - I also have the box for this

x1 Konnected Clone (Home Burglar Alarm to Smart Alarm Conversion Kit WiFi Smartthings)

I’m not sure on the rules for selling so please feel free to remove, I just thought I’d give the community the opportunity to purchase first. I have no idea how much any of this is worth, if I have to list the prices I will but it will take me some time. Feel free to make an offer if that’s allowed.

I would prefer to sell as much in bulk as possible.

I can ship to UK and Europe, collection is in Oxfordshire

Thank you!

I wondered the same thing when I saw your post. I don’t think it’s unreasonable, but I’m not a moderator.

I do suggest that you ask people to direct-message you to discuss transactions, and remove anything that’s not specifically related to home automation (the Anker Soundcore speaker is the only thing that jumped out at me).

Out of curiousity, why are you selling it all before you move? I would imagine that some of this would be useful in your new home.

Fair comment. The only reason the Anker Speaker is there as I was planning on using it for TTS automations.

I’d considered taking it all with me but I’ve just got too many others things to do!

I’m sure I’ll be back on the automation at some point in the not too distant future though.


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That’s also fair once there’s context. :wink:

Good luck with your move!