Stupid Question but how do I delete my openhab cloud account?

After a year or so with the RPI2 with some earlier OH version I upgraded to the RPI3/Razzberry 2 board with OH2.1 by now. How do I register the new RPI3 in when I want to use the same email address like before? I tried to delete the account but that doesn’t work as it says the (old) appliance is offline… and when I try to register with the new UUID / secret, it says the email address is already used. Pls advise.

Log in to your account at
If you place the cursor on your email address on the upper right, a drop down menu will appear. Select account.
A page with the OpenHAB settings and Change Password will be displayed.
Modify the OpenHab UUID and OpenHab Secret entries to your new info.
Click the Update button.

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