Subclass or extensions not classified correctly in OH 3.0 location tab UI

So I’ve been having fun defining the semantic model moving from OH2->3. I’ve defined a bunch of door with the semantic class Door and These show up in the location tab of the main home page when open as Icons bedroom-location-open-door

But if I redefine the inner doors as the semantic class InnerDoor they do not show up even though they extend the equipment door. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

(BTW do we need a new topic under Setup and Configuration for the Sematic model?)

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OK So I think there needs to be a lookup for InnerDoors (and all the other doors) here

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There’s a parameter (“partial”) to include subclasses but for doors I wanted to treat garage doors separately, maybe it could be made better.

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OK Thanks. I think I’d include garage doors as a door just the location would not be in my home but outside and I’d want to know if any are open but this is where opinion comes in. I have no problems with defining them all as doors.

Having looked at the code I can see why my TVs are not showing up as the power item is defined as a point and not as a status. It the requirements of these badges defined anywhere? If they are just Documented that would be fine.

Here some are attached as part of the home and some are a separate building. I have one neighbour that has one attached and one external.

But that is what the model can express. They are doors wherever you put them on your model.

Here is quick PR for Just the Doors