Subnet for wake on lan with network binding

Is it correct that I cannot specify a subnet when sending a WOL packet with the network binding or am I missing something here?

I want to wake my LG TV which resides in a different subnet but both the webOS and the network binding don’t allow me to specify a subnet. I use the exec binding now to perform this operation which works great, but I was wondering if this really cannot be done with the network binding since the v1 WOL binding seemed to have this feature built-in.

I have a comparable issue. Just that my second subnet is connected via Lan-Lan VPN connection via the internet (AVM fritz-box). Did you ever found a solution?
I found this but I am hesitating to apply, I would prefer a solution within network binding.


Yes since I don’t know which version there has been an update to the network binding which allows you to use an IP address for sending the magic packet. I route this packet in the target subnet via ARP table to the dedicated device. Please see the updated documentation:

Ok honestly, I have overseen this in the code example.
Nevertheless it does not work for me.
For my local NAS I have:

val actions = getActions("network", "network:pingdevice:localNAS")

Which perfectly works as intended.

I had the same for the remote NAS which is connected via LAN-LAN VPN of AVM fritzbox. It is just in another subnet. If online I can easily contact it via the IP.
Now I changed for the remote NAS to:

val actions = getActions("network", "network:pingdevice:remoteNAS")

And get following log:

[ERROR] [internal.handler.ScriptActionHandler] - Script execution of rule with UID 'WOL_NAS_remote' failed: val actions = getActions("network", "network:pingdevice:remoteNAS")
The method sendWakeOnLanPacketViaIp() is undefined for the type ThingActions; line 2, column 91, length 24

The IP is correctly configured in the thing and I am running the latest version of the binding and openhab.

Found a comparable issue without solution:

Any idea?

This JavaScript code works for me:

var wolAction = actions.get("network","network:pingdevice:b16bfbfc7c");

Alternatively you can do this directly in a rule without the script action:

configuration: {}
  - id: "1"
      command: ON
      itemName: bd_player_on
    type: core.ItemCommandTrigger
conditions: []
  - inputs: {}
    id: "3"
      config: network:pingdevice:839955dc60
    type: network.sendWakeOnLanPacketViaIp