Subscribe to ZWave events

is there currently a way to intercept events regarding the ZWave controller/network like “node X marked dead”, “new configuration put on wakeup queue”, “configuration sent to device after wakeup” etc.?
@chris: I saw that a recent merge on the binding added the publishing of inclusion and exclusion related events on the ESH event bus. Are more event types going to be added in future updates?

No - this is not possible. These are low level events that should not be exposed to users.

Probably - where it makes sense to provide user notifications, this will be done, but sending a notification each time a packet is put into a queue is definately outside of the scope of what’s intended.

I think at the moment I added all the messages that I currently see as necessary. It will likely be enhanced further as more management functions are added.

Ok, that makes sense.
As it seems related to the question, may I ask how you’re able from HABmin to determine if a specific configuration setting has been correctly received by a device or not? You’re comparing the currently reported value vs the new value that is put on the send queue?

It’s not done in HABmin - the binding does this. The binding keeps a list of outstanding configuration requests - each time a config request is sent, it’s added to this table. Each time a config response is received, it’s removed from the table. ESH provides a mechanism to provide the state of the configuration, and I use this to say if a parameter is still Pending or not.

Interesting… Would you be so kind to tell me how to extract this kind of information from ESH or just point me to existing documentation/sources?

You should look for the config status interface in ESH.

Thank you very much chris :slight_smile: