Suddenly large delays in execution

Hi all

I’m running OH2 in a virtual machine with Lubuntu. Earlier this week I finally updated 16.10 to 17.04 (should have taken LTS for this setup but that’s a different topic). Now I’m suddenly getting delays between 5s and 20s when pressing a button in the Android app or in a browser in the basic UI.

The server and VM load is at a minimum as usual, other services in the network run fine.
When pressing a switch for light i.e. it takes up to 20s for the entry to appear in events.log. When the entry appears the light switches on at the same time.

Honestly, I don’t have any idea where to start looking. I still have a backup that I could copy over but of course I would like to solve the problem. I’m not 100% sure the problem is really related to the Lubuntu update because I only recognized it one or two days afterwards.

I do see quite a few of these warnings in openhab.log:

22:56:50.488 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Jetty request 20728324 failed: null

Thanks a lot

Did you do a dist upgrade or start from scratch with a fresh 17 install? I found the upgrade to 17 didn’t go so smoothly for me but when I did a fresh install and built the server back up everything worked great.

Hi Rich
I did a dist upgrade, thanks for your input. Not sure how to proceed then. I have a VM for OH2 only, so there shouldn’t be many dependencies and a fresh install should largely look the same as an update.
Will probably restore the backup and wait for 17.10. unless someone has another idea?

I would create a new vm, install 17 from scratch, then install OH. There are TONS of changes to the OS and libraries between the two and is one thing doesn’t quite upgrade right or a bad configuration that makes sense in 16 gets persisted to 17 you will have problems. Since you don’t have anything else on the VM, and are working with VMs in the first place, this seems to be a pretty painless way forward.

I’m running OH on 17.04 Server on a VM and it runs great. The problem isn’t with 17.04, it’s with the upgrade.

Yes, you’re probably right, good thing i decided to go with VMs when upgrading to OH2 :wink:

Still, it’s a bit frustrating, with the last minor update of OH I also had big problems now again with the OS update where i haven’t installed anything special. Makes every update a bit unpredictable.

Today, the system is pretty stable again, I’ll keep an eye on performance the next few days and see if i i do a fresh install.

Out of curiosity: which version if Ubuntu are you running? Was thinking of using a minimal install next time i do a fresh install.

I use the Server version. I think it is pretty minimal without removing the standard stuff as one finds in Docker images.

A short update:
Since i didn’t have the time right away to restore the backup i let it run with the delays. After about one day, everything turned back to normal again without changing anything.

Also checked the logs again, i really can’t see any difference.

Strange, but happy everything works again without a fresh install…