"sudo reboot" hangs

Hello madams and sirs,

Installed openHABian v1.6.2 32-bit on a Raspi 4 2GB with balenaEtcher.
Tested with a “SanDisk Extreme 32GB” and also a noname 16GB SDCard.

“sudo reboot” hangs. Only “sudo reboot -f” works.
I have to remove the powerchord to get it restarted.

If I put “sudo reboot” in the putty console window and hit Enter nothing happens. It still shows the black console screen. Typically there should be a pop up session terminated or something like that and the green led starts blinking. but this is not going to happen.

My old config with openhab 2.5 latest release doesn’t has this problem. Am I the onlyone?

I think to remember that there was a similar post.
The answer / question was “how long did you wait ?”
After the other person tried it again and waited a bit longer it was seen that the system booted.
I would suggest to open a second terminal and observe ( tail -f /var/log/syslog ) the messages in /var/log/syslog. You should be able to see progress about the system being shutdown there.

Thanks a lot for your advice. It’s really a matter of time.

if I do “sudo reboot” my putty session terminates correctly. cannot recreate the former behaviour.

If I wait approx. 6 minutes the green led begins flashing again and the network led on my ethernet connector also comes alive and the device is starting again.

Well 6 minutes is somewhat strange. But at least its restarting.
Best Regards!