Suggested wireless temp sensor for monitoring freezer?

Hi there, just getting started with OpenHAB, was not able to find any suggestions in the forums. Does anyone have a suggest for a good wireless sensor that I can put in my freezers to monitor temp via OpenHAB? I’m open to any platform/protocol as I’m just getting started.


Hi boozedog,

I have these ones for my fridge and freezer (German version here):

and use OpenMQTTGateway on an ESP32 with a 433MHz CC1101 connected to it to receive the thermometer signals. OpenMQTTGateway then converts and sends the regular (around once a minute) temperatures it receives as MQTT messages, which are easily integrated into openHAB.

Hope this helps.

Oh that’s very cool, I have similar wireless unit presently and I’ll do some more research on how it can be integrated with openHAB. Thanks!

You can also use a BLE sensor like this one :

And an esp32 with OpenMQTTGateway to retrieve the data.