Suggestion for a low-power server


time and again the question of suitable hardware is asked. Because I just changed my hardware, I would like to put my two cents in. I have no special requirements for the hardware. I wanted to connect my WD-RED SATA HDD and the server should be energy efficient. With the following hardware, the server consumes approximately 5(!) watts in idle mode.

I’m on Ubuntu 19.04 (for testing purpose only) with no screen, mouse or keyboard connected. All I´m using is

sudo powertop --auto-tune

and hd-idle for the HDD. A small instance of openhab is up and running well :slight_smile:

My RPi 3B+ with an external SSD and openhabian needs approximately 3 watts. So I´m happy with my new server and will continue to set up more services (media-server, nas, etc.).

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It would be great if you added hyperlinks to your components

HP microserver are good. Get old nl540 (gen 6 or 7) for £80/90 or gen 8 (and, if you want, upgrade cpu to i3 or i5. I’m using i5) for £200.

I’ve got two running and with 4 wd red 4tb in the gen8 uses 35w at idle.

Ultra low power?
Rpi4 with msata hat. :slight_smile:

Sorry, how could I forget that?

A compilation of information about the motherboards is available here: (sorry, german only)