Suggestion for smart plug with timer

I’m searching for smart plug with timer implemented. I want program timer from openHAB but then this plug with timer can run independently on the Wifi. I don’t need any other functions like power meter. Any suggestion or experience ?

Where in the world are you located? What functionality do you require from the timer?

In the Europe. I require program online a week schedule for plug switch on/off. But I need that this setup is stored in the device, because I can’t ensure 100% wifi connection to switch plug “online”.

Will the weekly schedule (program) change every week? Or will it stay the same throughout the year?

Will stay the same or I will reprogram online from the openHAB (maybe two times per year)

openHAB doesn’t work this way. Rules are run on the server and commands are sent to devices. It’s not a replacement for the manufacturer’s app.

TP-Link Kasas (and I think TP-Link Tapos) have onboard memory for timers, but you have to program them through the TP-Link apps. The same goes for the generic ones you can find on Amazon, even if you flash them with Tasmota firmware.

I’d suggest getting a Kasa. You can program it with the Kasa app, and then connect it to openHAB so that you can monitor the timer. If you want, you can deny the Kasa Internet access after you set it up, so that it can only be manually controlled by openHAB.

It’s clear, that isn’t a standart, but I am searching a way how to switch on off a plug depends on time,but with unstable WiFi. For me Is enough depends on switch state send exact time configuration to the timer.

Assuming you’re using openHAB for other things in the same environment, then I would get a plug that can be flashed with Tasmota and do the following. It’s quite involved, however!

If this is the only smart device to be used in this environment (edit: and therefore you don’t need openHAB), then follow @rpwong advice. My preference would still be a plug flashed with Tasmota, but just use the in-built Tasmota UI to do the scheduling.

And if you’ve got physical access to the device, and nothing else smart: manually programmable plugs are probably the best bet, especially if only changing the schedule rarely…

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I agree with this if someone wants to get into MQTT, which is tricky to figure out at first. If not, then Kasas are about as cheap and easy as it gets.

The only concern I have with manual plugs is that they get out of sync over time, since they can’t check a time server regularly and due both to imprecise mechanisms and power outages.

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But if they’ve not got anything else smart in their environment, and therefore don’t need openHAB, then they won’t have to worry about MQTT - just use the Tasmota UI. (The point of the second paragraph is using smart devices without openHAB, which I realise now isn’t clear!)

Good point. @alda1 what are you actually switching?

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At this moment I’m using openHAB for rs232 communication with radiator unit for zone temperature control, next I’m using a modbus for communication with photovoltaics system victron energy and for switching relay for wather heating. In development I have communication between openHAB and heat pump via eBUS (now I’m producing eBUS-USB adapter). Next I want control a blinds - I want use a shelly relay, but for this I don’t know how to measure luminiscence during a day to make a partial oscuraction (other post here).
This timer I want use in a exterior - for a pool energy control during summer times and led control during winter times (same plug, different times). Problem is bad wifi connection, so better is save time configuration into device to prevent that plug will not switch on or off. So idea is, that depends on the switch in UI or date (rule) a openHAB will send a time configuration into timer/plug (TAPO P100 looks good, but no chance send timer configuration from openHAB ?).
Regarding MQTT - if it’s possible, better not now (no experience, no brooker…).

This really sounds like a central heating ‘programmer’, with remote schedule setting. I’d be looking at one of those that you can wire into a wallbox, not self contained plug/socket units.

My idea is program a timer of external plug with timer function depends on the switch position or depends on the time rule.
Question is, if there is any device where I can change timer directly from the openHAB.

If you just want to ensure that plug goes off in any case (for example aka antiflooding protection), you can use pretty any relay with maximum ON time protection. As far as I remember Shellies have it. This means you can turn them on and off by openhab, but if for some reason the plug remains on for longer period than programmed in maximum on setting, it will switch off by itself.

Ok, it’s maybe a solution(I must check how critical is, if relay don’t switch on). Do you know which relay type Is it?

FYI any Tasmota flashed switch also has this feature via the PulseTime command.

ok, but for Tasmota I need to run a MQTT ?


That’s the traditional way, but you can use the HTTP Binding instead if you want.

But considering the long list of protocols that you’re already dealing with, sounds like you’ll have no problem with MQTT.

But to be honest, I’m still not convinced that you need to hook this up to openHAB at all - just use the in built scheduler that Tasmota provides via the webpage of the device. If it’s only twice a year then you’ll spend more time integrating with openHAB than just changing a setting or two with Tasmota.

is it possible call Tasmota webpage directly from the openhab ? I mean like “special” window ?
Is there any device on the market where I can “flash” tasmota or it’s only for DIY projects ?

2600+ devices to date:

In the UK you can even buy pre-flashed devices: Tasmota Smart Plug | Power Monitoring | Local Bytes