Suggestion of a new binding type for paper UI personalisation


I’m starting to automate my home with OpenHab2. I’m currently developing some bindings to use with my devices, and will later share with the community.
The Paper UI, is becoming very pleasant for User Interface, but… I think that is missing something…

I made some mockups for we discuss and maybe consider the development of this channels:

Ex. 1 - “Generic Command Channel” - one binding that allows you to define the icon, the label and some configurable buttons for each Action / Command
Ex. 2 - Extend the String channel to allow icon customization
Ex. 3 - Extend the String channel to allow multiple value selection, using one dropdown.

With this implementation we can get one better looking UI and improve the flexibility of OpenHab.

Waiting some feedback!



Hi Jaime,

The Paper UI is in a pretty initial state (Dennis, the author, prefers to call it a tech-prototype) and there are a million ideas of what should be added to it to make it fully usable.

What we really need here are people that contribute to it. So any volunteer that is fluent in Angular.js, please speak up!

As a side note: The Paper UI does not support sitemaps at all, which is one of the biggest deficiencies. But instead of going for the current sitemaps, I would rather like to see this being implemented first:

P.S.: If you are looking for a modern UI for operation only, watch out for the Basic UI that is about to come as a replacement for the Classic UI:

Kai, I just had a look at the Basic UI and it’s very nice!

Is the Basic UI just meant to be implemented in OpenHAB 2 / ESH or will it be compatible to OpenHAB 1 as well?

No, the Basic UI only works on ESH-based systems, i.e. openHAB 2. But you should not worry about that since you are likely to migrate to openHAB 2 next year anyhow :slight_smile:

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