Suggestions for a good vibration sensor?

So as I’ve come across in my research the vibration sensor in the aeotec multisensor 6 is mostly in the context of tampering. Is there a sensor out there that would be good for measuring vibration such as that from a washing machine or a dinner table? Something that, similar to a motion sensor for motion, would trigger a “vibration detected” if it sensed vibration?


You could use a car security system shock sensor with an ESP8266

Or if you feel like making your own… it is just a spring around a metal post and when the spring shakes it will make contact with the post.

There are tons of cheap solutions out there:

I am using a SW-420 with an ESP8266 for a washer/dryer sensor. I’m using the vibration for the dryer, but I suppose it would work for a washer if you come up with a way to account for idle/low vibration periods in the cycle.

If you’re willing to DIY with an Arduino or ESP there are plenty of options. I’m certain that the SW-420 isn’t the best, but it works adequately for my purpose. Not sure how well it would work for small vibrations on a table.