Where do we make suggestions?
Can’t find a place to post them.

Anyway, finally made the move to OH4 (from OH2), after waiting over 2 years for a new Pi4 and I am a little disappointed to see there’s still no Buttons!

No buttons :frowning:

Can we please get buttons? With ‘Press’ events, ‘Release’ events?

Please, please, please :pray:

why dont you just use a switch? On / Off ?

if you want press / release, map it…

This was suggested last time I asked for buttons (about 4 years ago).

Switches don’t have the same behaviour properties as a button, they also don’t look like buttons (styling the switch as a button would be a start at least).

you can style like buttons. just search for it…

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I thought that was only for widgets, does that work on sitemaps?

Looking at adding an item in settings, there is a switch, but no button.

I’d like to see a native button, so it shows up in my iOS sitemap.

Suggestions should be made by filing an issue in the appropriate repository. Although issue sometimes means “bug” it can also be a feature request such as this one.

In this case you want to have a feature added to one of the UIs, so your best place to start is with the UI repository.

Just keep in mind, that filing an issue does not guarantee that someone will attend to it. All the devs are volunteers and if you can’t make a case compelling enough for them to consider it worth the time and effort it won’t get addressed.

Your suggestion is not clear IMHO but you could be interested by a new feature that should be available in OH 4.1.
A new Buttongrid sitemap element will be introduced.

Thanks, I made a feature request on GitHub instead.

First thing that popped in my mind. I use the oh-link with an icon and color formula in the props with a little css to make it small. With that you can make it look like anything you prefer. For me a grey button when it’s off and green when it’s on. I even add a slider so instead of on/off you can swipe the button to a color or brightness selector.

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