Sum from a data series

Hi Guys,
how can you implement the following?
I want the sum of a data series of one month. But it shouldn’t be the current month. e.g. the month of May. How can I do it? I looked at this one: |persistence| but unfortunately, I can’t get it.

Thank you

How about [ pseudo-code] (sum since 1.may ) - ( sum since 1.jun)?

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:thinking:, if you have a go for negative numbers.

Let’s take a step back and ask for what purpose do you want the sum?

Unfortunately, the persistence actions will only support calculations from now, not with an arbitrary end date. But you can do something like Jürgen recommends. Get the sum from now to the beginning of May and substract the sum from now to the beginning of June.

But there might be other things that can be done depending on the purpose you want to put the sums. Is it just for display? Charting? Calculations or comparisons?

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