Summary of Status for Tellstick Live?

I have been looking though the topics regarding Tellstick Live binding and am having a bit of a difficulty understanding if it works or not.
The main reason for that is probably that i unfortunately am a “Real Beginner” and many beginner discussions still start way over my head… So here goes some stupid questions:

  • Is it possible to set.up and use Tellstick Live now (Feb 2020) on an Openhabianpi?
  • I am using VSC Editor to edit the config files but where does the "Bridge tellstick:telldus-live:2 “Tellstick
    ZWave” [publicKey=“XXX”, privateKey=“YYYY”, token= “ZZZZ”, tokenSecret=“UUUU” go?

Appreciate your help!


I am not familiar with that binding but it should be installable on openhabianpi, assuming you are running openHAB 2.5.x.

That looks like it should go in a .things file in the things folder of the configuration directory.

Ok, i got some reaction at least:

Telldus Live Gateway

Telldus Live Gateway

This bridge represents the telldus live cloud service.

Status: UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR io/netty/handler/ssl/JdkSslContext

JDK…Java issue?

Double-check your keys, tokens, & secrets?
Be sure you are using plain quotes instead of curly quotes.

Thanks for the Welcome b.t.w,

Sorry everything looks ok, values and non-curlys.

Another stupid question: I am actually running OpenHAB on a Raspberry Pi, but i see references in the OpenHab docunentation to windows, just so i don’t misunderstand my situation and context here:

My situation: OpeHAB running on a RaspberryPi 3+, Lots of Tellstick/Nexa units, GoogleHome, Chromecast etc.

You are welcome.

I have run OH on a Pi 3B+ and it is now my test system for OH. I believe Windows is not really recommended for OH, but it is supported.

How exactly did you install on your openhabianpi? I tended to install Raspbian Lite and then follow the Linux install for openHABian. I have installed the openHABian image though.

I installed the package, all “in one fell swoop”.

Squeezebox and Chromecast integration works fine but they do not require “Bridge integration” but if i can’t get the Tellstick Live integration to work i really have no use for Openhab as that is the main driver…but, still early days

Do you have a link you followed? That does not appear to me to be one of the official installations.

I don’t think that the installation is the problem in this case.
The installation was done from:

Latest and greatest.

And like i said, everything else works fine, just the Tellstick live that is unclear how to handle.
There is a known and major issue with Tellstick Live specifically and i would like if anybody has succeeded with getting it to work?

Anybody that has Telldus live working?

There seems to be some kind of problem with the Tellstick binding. Check out this workaround if you are in a hurry. I’m still waiting for an official fix, or maybe I’ll just scrap the 433-units. :slight_smile:

Was anybody opened an issue or PR on GitHub? That is the only way it will get fixed.

I don’t think so. I’ll see if i can grasp the problem and open an issue :slight_smile:

Bug reported on Github :slight_smile:

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