Suncalc - Sun's Position


anyone who is using the sun’s position from the website below in his / her sitemap?
Looking fancy :slight_smile:

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I used this website to find a more or less precise information about the directions of the windows… :slight_smile:
But in question of openHAB, I use the astro binding which does this sort of calculations

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Hi Udo,

Thanks for your help (again :wink:
I use the Astro binding as well to close rollershutters, when the sun hits the windows on hör and sunny days.

However I thought more about a graphical display just showing the suns position.
Is there any other option in OH2 ?

Ah, I didn’t thought of that. You could integrate it via webview widget, I think.

I tried that, but the suncalc website hijacked my entire Sitemap.
So there was nothing else visible but the website when I integrated it into the Sitemap as a webview.