Sunricher controllers

Take a look at these:

Looks like some great controllers/dimmers for RGB lights.

Has anyone got to play with them ?

Could not find much when searching in this forum. I really want to order some of these but would be great to know if anyone is working on a binding or something :slight_smile:

Here is a video:

Thought about getting one, too. Haven’t heard about anyone use them.
But as they’re zwave they should work with the zwave binding, although the first user it would need to add them to the device database

Great, was not aware of the database. I will order one and try to add it

Any progress here? Just installed mine and was dumbstruck that it’s not in the database yet…

It requires someone to add it to the database :wink:

You don’t really provide a lot of information - what version of the binding are you using? What device do you have. There are some devices in the database already - have you checked if your device is in there?

For some reason, I believed this thread was about exactly my device. It isn’t :wink:

I have the 8-button wall mounted switch.

I started reading into the process of adding the device. Currently I’m in a state where OpenHAB doesn’t even tell me the manufacturer nor the device id, so I probably have some steps to go :slight_smile: